Sterling Gas Fired Products

Sterling unit heaters are offered in gas, oil fired and hot water/steam models. Available in multiple sizes and types Sterling has the right type of unit to meet your heating needs.

Unit Heater Categories

The Sterling Engineered Product indoor product line is a packaged heating and cooling system suitable for heating, cooling, ventilating and makeup air applications. Similar to the outdoor products except indoor duct furnaces are utilized.

Indoor Make-Up Air Models

Sterling models RT and PV indirect fired make-up air systems are available in multiple configurations and vary depending on the specific application. Standard and High CFM blower cabinets are designed to be mounted on a common heavy duty skid rail with up to three outdoor gas-fired duct furnaces. Other cabinets include filtration cabinets, downturn plenums, coil cabinets with factory installed coils and Evaporative coolers.

Multiple factory installed gas and air controls are available including DDC control packages, electronic stage controllers, building pressurization controllers, and a variety of mixed air controllers.

Duct furnaces are CSA approved. The Packaged unit is certified by E.T.L., an exclusive for Sterling.